Barbara Augello's photographs are strikingly recognizable for their attention to detail and the use of the environment and natural lighting to enhance the beauty of her subjects. The inspiration for using the outdoors as a background for photographing domesticated animals came to her while she was on a photo safari in Kenya.

Barbara has a personal vision of what she knows is within her subjects, something she calls "the the look of eagles." She says that it may be a barely perceptible and momentary tilt of the head, set of the ears, or look in the eyes. Great images are created when you are able to recognize it and capture it.

The demand for Barbara's images has become so great that photographing dogs has been her full-time occupation for the past 10 years. She lives in Bucks County, PA with her Dalmatian, Remy. You can find out more about Barbara at www.dogimage.com


Barbara Van Vliet's passion for painting pets emerged after her move to Vermont from NJ in 1997. A lucky connection with the Orvis company, which is headquartered in VT, landed her in their catalog, painting watercolor portraits on commission.

She works from photographs and feels the heart and soul of her subjects always comes through in their eyes. So she spends extra time on that feature to capture the true personality of the breed.

After 4 years and over 400 paintings for Orvis, she was unable to keep up with the demand and decided to try licensing her images. She still continues to do commissioned portraits and if you like her style and want a portrait of your own furry friend, contact her through www.barbarasdogportraits.com.She lives in the mountains of Southern Vermont with her husband, Ben, and favorite fire-side companion, Hannah, a yellow Lab.


Pollyanna Pickering is widely recognized as Europe's foremost wildlife artist, and is the most published fine artist working in Britain today. Pollyanna's determination to paint only animals which she has observed in their natural habitats has lead her into a remarkable and unique series of journeys into some of the most inhospitable areas of the globe.


Ross B. Young specializes in sporting dog art, bird hunting paintings, fly fishing paintings, landscape paintings, and wildlife art. His oil paintings have been described as painterly and forthright, a true expression of the places and sports he knows so well. Ross divides his working time between his main studio located in a rural setting outside of Springfield, MO, and his mobile studio "Arlo" which could be about anywhere.